Wednesday, 28 September 2011

workin' 925

jacket: Primark £20    dress: H&M £12.99    belt: Vinatage    rings: H&M £3.99    boots: Topshop £75

Picked up this leather jacket from primark a few days ago, my old dorothy perkins one had gotten too big for me and every time I put it on I always ended taking it back off because it didn't look right.  So  I figured it was time for a new one. I thought £20 was quite pricey for a primark jacket but I really liked it and hadn't seen any others around that were as nice. 


Thursday, 22 September 2011


Not a terribly exciting day, popped into town for a few bits and have a couple of hours at uni this afternoon, then I'm off to work until 8. 

dress: Dorothy Perkins 
rings: H&M
belt: Primark

scarf: Primark (current £4)


Tuesday, 13 September 2011


Been slacking at blogging and life in general this week :(
I've been working loads as my manager is on holiday, working in a shop where there are only 4 members of staff means I'm picking up loads of shifts, not that I mind too much, thinking of the money and all the things I can buy with it come payday!!

I also managed to go visit my parents for a couple of days in the week, spent some time with them and my little sister. Poppy ombred my hair for me, (perks of having a hairdresser sister) and we did some shopping, you can see what I bought here

Trying to get ready for Uni starting next week but at the moment I'm not that motivated to think about it, feeling a little blah about the whole thing, I feel too old to be a student! ok so I'm only 21 but most of my friends have graduated already while Im still in class with a bunch 18 year olds. never mind. 

Hopefully buying a new camera when my loan rolls in, I only have a DSLR and it's just too big and expensive to be carrying around in my handbag so Im leaning towards a panasonic lumix compact digital so I can take photos and film higher quality video's on the go. plus it will be useful for my course. 

Had a day off today and tried to make a cake. I failed. The actual cake was flat and a little burnt and the icing was too runny, baking is not my strong point but Sam still ate it so It wasn't all bad.
Going to get some more outfit posts up this week and be more motivated in general ( i hope). 


Sunday, 4 September 2011

back to it.

So this week marks the 6 weeks after I injured my back which means I can exercise again hurrah!
The week before I hurt myself I went on holiday so it's actually been more like 7/8 weeks since I've been to the gym and don't I know about it! 
So, as advised by doctors I have cancelled my gym membership and am going to take up more gentle forms of exercise, no back injuring clunky gym equipment for me!
however I am not really a fan of "gentle" exercise and as attractive as this may sound, I don't feel like I've worked out unless I'm sweating and ache a little the next day! 

so here it is...

So the principle of this workout is to work hard for only 20 minutes, but you have to do it everyday!
Im hoping I will find the motivation to do this every day, just have to keep telling myself "It's just 20 minutes!!"
The only thing you need is floor space and a couple of dumbbells, I picked these up at my local Sportsdirect for £2 each:

First thoughts? A little nervous as I haven't done any exercise for so long! But then again I'm no stranger to tough workouts, I endured almost a year of intense boxing classes twice a week which saw me loose over 2 stone, so Im thinking I might even enjoy this?....

 wish me luck!


Friday, 2 September 2011


Ringz H&M £2.99 each
Braclet 20 Dirham (£1.70) Market in Marrakech 

Jacket £22.99 New Look     Dress £12.99 H&M

Face: Bareminerals, topshop neon rose, mac harmony
Eyes: Sleek nude palette, gel eyeliner, Bourjois volume clubbin' mascara

Been a bit of a nothing day today, had the day off, cleaned the flat, washed my make up brushes (long overdue)
One of my bestfriends Lucy is coming down from my hometown to visit later and we are going on a dinner date, probs go to las iguanas and stuff ourselves full of mexican goodness! I going to wack on some tights and a belt and touch up my make up and I'll be good to go...