Monday, 22 October 2012


Clockwise L-R Macleans Total Health Whitening, Boots Build up removal shampoo, Liz Earle skin repair moisturiser, Nars Laguna bronzer, Origins eye doctor, Emma Hardie cleansing balm, Original Source vanilla milk and raspberry.

I love the medicinal, antiseptic fresh taste of the Macleans Total Health Whitening so much I used up two tubes. Not sure how much it helps to whiten my teeth but it leaves my mouth so super fresh I want to brush my teeth all the time. Not everybody will love the taste of this toothpaste but it's worth a try for the feeling alone. 
Boots Expert Build up Removal Shampoo has been a bit of a staple in my hair care routine for some time now. Used once a week it really deep cleans my locks, gets rid of any built-up product and grease to leave my hair squeaky clean and soft. I recommend you all try this £3.49 hair saviour. 
I will forever (well, for the forseable future) use the Liz Earle Skin Repair Moisturiser, I wont bang on about it again. 2 more pots down.
It wasn't until I used up this Nars Laguna Bronzer and had to go back to using a different one that I realised I couldn't live without it. It's the high pigmentation, soft texture and colour, natural bronze, not orange, that makes it just perfect. I went out to buy another pretty soon after,  I will never to be without it again. 
This pot of Origins Eye Doctor Eye Cream has lasted me 6 months plus, value for money you might say, however considering the £25 price tag I would be disappointed with anything less. Whilst this wasn't a wonder cream, it certainly did what it says on the tin (or pot) Kept my eyes cool, hydrated & created a smooth base for make-up, I would definitely consider buying this again.
When I received this 15ml sample size of the Emma Hardie Amazing Face Natural Lift & Sculpt Moringa  (longest name in the world) Cleansing Balm, I wasn't overly excited. It swiftly landed in my ever increasing "to try" product pile.  Fast forward a few months and everyone & the cats mother is talking about it. So after finally getting round to trying, what do I think? Love it. This is like a cleansing balm on steroids. The smell, the texture, the way it emulsifies, removes make up and leaves skin super soft and clean is beautiful. Despite the £34 price tag I will be purchasing the full size. My best friend may also accidentally got hooked after using it to remove our heavy night out make-up, ooops!
A cheaply but a goody, I can't get enough of this Original Source Vanilla Milk and Raspberry Shower gel. Around £2, moisturising, pretty pink colour and smells amazing. nuff said. 

Wednesday, 17 October 2012

Harvey Nichols Haul inc. Jeffery Campbell Martinis

Clockwise from left: Coat £25 Primark, Bobble Bottle : £10.95, Jeffery Campbell Martini flats : £105, Louise Young : LY24 £11 & LY04 £17 All Harvey Nichols

Picked up a few bits I had my eye on for a while including this jacket with leather sleeves from Primark. Bit of a dupe for the Zara one which has now sold out but it was cheap and chearful at £25 and will see me through the autumn. 
I needed a decent pair of flats for work, basically some that weren't going to wear out two months down the line (ahem Topshop) So went for the Jeffery Campbell Martini studded flats in Black w/ silver studs. Winter is most definitely on the way which is why I'm not wearing these outside in the rain. I have my little wellies to walk to work in instead :)
Everyone needs a Bobble bottle! my last one sadly melted when Sam poured boiling water on it! GRRR.  I no longer have to buy bottled water when out and about, It encourages my to get my 2 litres a day and call me a princess, but I can't stand tap water! So this little guy gets a massive thumbs up from me. 
Lastly I needed a decent blusher and eyeliner brush, having being disappointed with the eyeliner brush in the Real Techniques kit (way too thick & chunky) I picked up the super fine Louise Young LY24 for use with gel eyeliner and the LY04 which is the perfect size for blush. 
What have you been buying recently?

Tuesday, 2 October 2012

Skincare Saviours

Apha-H liquid Gold, Alpha-H Absolute Eye Complex, Ren Radiance Perfection Serum, Origins Clear Improvement Mask, Ren Glycolic Radiance Renewal Mask (sample size), Ren Invisible Pores Detox Mask (Sample Size)

A recent bout of stress induced acne has left me with some nasty looking skin. Red marks, post blemish blemishes and scarring are currently taking residence on my chin and cheeks, bleugh! To combat this I have called upon a small army of products to help me out.
 First of all I gave Origins Clear improvement Mask the task of deep cleansing. Alpha-H liquid gold, used 3 times weekly is helping to reduce my scarring and improve the texture of my skin. It's partner in crime the Absolute eye complex is hydrating & fighting off those pesky dark circles under my eyes. To give my skin a boost of vitamin C for radiance, the Ren radiance perfection serum is doing a fine job. Lastly I have been trying out two Ren masks, these sample sizes of the Radiance renewal and inviable pores detox masks have left me wanting full sizes in both! 
I can safely say that this combination of skincare saviours are helping my skin no end. Full reviews to come soon......