Monday, 22 October 2012


Clockwise L-R Macleans Total Health Whitening, Boots Build up removal shampoo, Liz Earle skin repair moisturiser, Nars Laguna bronzer, Origins eye doctor, Emma Hardie cleansing balm, Original Source vanilla milk and raspberry.

I love the medicinal, antiseptic fresh taste of the Macleans Total Health Whitening so much I used up two tubes. Not sure how much it helps to whiten my teeth but it leaves my mouth so super fresh I want to brush my teeth all the time. Not everybody will love the taste of this toothpaste but it's worth a try for the feeling alone. 
Boots Expert Build up Removal Shampoo has been a bit of a staple in my hair care routine for some time now. Used once a week it really deep cleans my locks, gets rid of any built-up product and grease to leave my hair squeaky clean and soft. I recommend you all try this £3.49 hair saviour. 
I will forever (well, for the forseable future) use the Liz Earle Skin Repair Moisturiser, I wont bang on about it again. 2 more pots down.
It wasn't until I used up this Nars Laguna Bronzer and had to go back to using a different one that I realised I couldn't live without it. It's the high pigmentation, soft texture and colour, natural bronze, not orange, that makes it just perfect. I went out to buy another pretty soon after,  I will never to be without it again. 
This pot of Origins Eye Doctor Eye Cream has lasted me 6 months plus, value for money you might say, however considering the £25 price tag I would be disappointed with anything less. Whilst this wasn't a wonder cream, it certainly did what it says on the tin (or pot) Kept my eyes cool, hydrated & created a smooth base for make-up, I would definitely consider buying this again.
When I received this 15ml sample size of the Emma Hardie Amazing Face Natural Lift & Sculpt Moringa  (longest name in the world) Cleansing Balm, I wasn't overly excited. It swiftly landed in my ever increasing "to try" product pile.  Fast forward a few months and everyone & the cats mother is talking about it. So after finally getting round to trying, what do I think? Love it. This is like a cleansing balm on steroids. The smell, the texture, the way it emulsifies, removes make up and leaves skin super soft and clean is beautiful. Despite the £34 price tag I will be purchasing the full size. My best friend may also accidentally got hooked after using it to remove our heavy night out make-up, ooops!
A cheaply but a goody, I can't get enough of this Original Source Vanilla Milk and Raspberry Shower gel. Around £2, moisturising, pretty pink colour and smells amazing. nuff said. 

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