Sunday, 4 September 2011

back to it.

So this week marks the 6 weeks after I injured my back which means I can exercise again hurrah!
The week before I hurt myself I went on holiday so it's actually been more like 7/8 weeks since I've been to the gym and don't I know about it! 
So, as advised by doctors I have cancelled my gym membership and am going to take up more gentle forms of exercise, no back injuring clunky gym equipment for me!
however I am not really a fan of "gentle" exercise and as attractive as this may sound, I don't feel like I've worked out unless I'm sweating and ache a little the next day! 

so here it is...

So the principle of this workout is to work hard for only 20 minutes, but you have to do it everyday!
Im hoping I will find the motivation to do this every day, just have to keep telling myself "It's just 20 minutes!!"
The only thing you need is floor space and a couple of dumbbells, I picked these up at my local Sportsdirect for £2 each:

First thoughts? A little nervous as I haven't done any exercise for so long! But then again I'm no stranger to tough workouts, I endured almost a year of intense boxing classes twice a week which saw me loose over 2 stone, so Im thinking I might even enjoy this?....

 wish me luck!


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  1. Thanks for the comment! the jacket is from aaages ago in H&M but it's still worth having a look on the website cos their leather jackets are great value! & thanks about the tan, haha it keeps getting darker and darker!! i can't help myself haha