Monday, 24 October 2011

graze box

Bit of a different post today, I received my first graze box!
I had heard about the scheme a while ago but never got round to ordering a box, that was until I got my hands on a voucher for a free one.

Im sure you all know about the concept of the graze box, if you don't then it is basically a postal subscription of healthy snacks, delivered as often as you like, to wherever you like. 
 set up your profile online, tell graze.com what snacks appeal to you, what you want sent soon and which you never want to receive in your boxes and they'll do the rest for you. 
Each box is nutritionally balanced and should last you around 2-3 days. 

In my first box I received :
a cheddar, red onion and chutney foccia     
 golden honey cashew nuts    
   fig roll: fig & sesame balls, sponge pieces & walnuts    
korean chilli rice crackers

each snack is individually packaged to keep it fresh and is the correct size of a recommended portion,
you also get a handy booklet to tell you the nutritional information so you know what your eating
 graze boxes are £3.49 each but you can get your first box free with this code: HQQ3MW6  whats more you can cancel anytime! 

I will deffinitly be keeping my weekly subscription for a little while, simply as a way to try out new snacks that I wouldn't have tried otherwise, I can always go to a health food shop and purchase larger quantities at a later date to save money!
If anyone has tried graze boxes before, I wanna know what your favs are! I love the chilli crackers and cashew nuts!


  1. sounds so yummy!! do they do a lot of dried fruit??


    LoveFaye xoxo

  2. yes they do dried fruit, nuts, seeds, breads, olives, crackers and mixes, there is so much to choose from!

  3. oooh this sounds lovely! Just what i need for when i'm busy but still want to be healthy :)

  4. This sounds really yummy, I love my nuts and dried fruit. My mum always roasts some nuts for me when I move to uni every term. Did they all taste nice?

  5. I've wanted to try a graze box for a while now, I was so close to subscribing but then was running some anti virus software on my computer and didn't want to enter my details until I was sure I didn't have any virus! Will definitely be subscribing though, the food that you get looks yummy.