Tuesday, 7 February 2012

Feel unique Beauty Box February 2012

At first glance, I'm not sure why, but I wasn't all that fussed about this months box. After chatting on the phone with Lucy about her February Glossy box, which is really great this month btw, I felt like maybe I would have been better of with a Glossy box subscription. Then I sat down and went through the product descriptions and  I realised that actually I will use most, if not all the products included in my Feel unique box. I think the thing lacking from this months box is simply the absence of a "wow" product, theres not that one product that really stands out and makes you want to sample it straight away this time, not for me anyway. However overall, after closer inspection, I do like it. 
The product I'm most looking forward to is Philip Kingsley's Elasticizer, one because I am a sucker for anything the promises to help repair my damaged hair, and two because there was a lot of hype around it when a sample was included in a GlossyBox a few months back. It's a intensive, super-moisturising pre-shampoo treatment that adds elasticity, manageability, bounce and shine. I'll let you know how I get on with this one!
Also included are a decent sized (100ml) Elemis Lime and Ginger body wash, this will be going into my travel wash bag because of it's handy size. The mini Leighton Denny nail polish in Steel Appeal is a lovely deep midnight blue with with a slight silver shimmer and will make a nice addition to my polish collection. A product which I have sampled before is the Nuxe multi use dry oil. This can be used on face, body and hair but my favourite thing to do with it is slather it on my legs post-shower to make them silky smooth and moisturised. Im a little dubious about the Decleor Phytopeel, not because of the brand but because I'm pretty dedicated to my current Skincare routine. This spa-smelling iridescent cream is an exfoliating peel mini-mask to be used twice a week, as I don't have a mask in my routine I think I might just give this a whirl!
The one and only sample I don't like is the Jean Paul Gaultier Kokorico fragrance, for me it's just far too musky and masculine. 
So after second thoughts on this months box, whilst now bowled over by any of the products, I am quite looking forward to trying them out!
 The Feel Unique beauty box is available on subscription from feelunique.com for £10 a month. 


  1. i'm due to get this box anyday :)i'm quite excited. im hoping i get the leighton denny polish in red :)

    great post :)


  2. looks like quite an interesting box!! :)
    x George | frecklie.blogspot.com
    {don’t forget to enter my giveaway!}

  3. So jealous of everyone that got this box!

  4. I'm yet to get on the beauty box bandwagon but I really need to as these posts always make me jealous! I'd be most excited by the elasticizer too as I love products to help mend my dyed and straightened hair! I'm loving your blog by the way and am a new follower :) xxx


  5. Ham, i have gone to the feelunique as i am interested in these beauty boxes,however i must be very unique as i can't find any info on how to subscribe to them HELP! before they loose my good custom before its even started!

  6. I got an email yesterday to say they are temporarily closing the service because they are bringing out a new, better beauty box later in the year, but I would subscribe to glossybox if I were you, they are pretty much the same thing,