Monday, 22 August 2011

On Yer Bike

Due to the recent nice summery (ish) weather we've had the past week I've been trying to get out on my bike more.

  Due to the winter weather and then moving to the city I haven't had as much use out of her as I would have liked. Everywhere I need to get to is within walking distance and I was always wary of riding through the busy city streets. 

However since I've been trying to use her more I have fell in love with cycling, I can whizz into town in 3 minutes,  quicker than the 10 minute walk and a hell of a lot more fun! Also since injuring my back I have not been able to get to the gym, so this is proving to be a fun and gentle way to get back into exercise. 

As I no longer have a car,  I'll be using my bike as a free, quick and easy way to get to uni come september,  hopefully by then I'll be more confident on the roads and will know the "rules" of cycling, whatever they are. 
If you are thinking about getting a bike, I urge you to do it, it's cheap fast and you'll tone up your legs and bum in no time, all whilst looking super chic in the process. 

Here's a little incentive: