Saturday, 14 January 2012

Cookies and Creme

Mittens: Market stall    Duffle coat: Next    Bag: H&M
Peter pan collar top: Primark    Blazer: H&M
Skirt: Topshop    Boots: Topshop Allegra's    Watch: Swatch

Being a cold day today,  I naturally had to wear my racoon mittens. Today was spent having a lie in, pottering around town buying stuff to make cupcakes (more on that later) and tidying the flat. not massively exciting but hey ho. 
As you can probably notice I have had my hair coloured! I got a bit bored of the blonde and it had damaged the ends of my hair so much I was fed up of the frizz and general bad condition of it.
so a trip to Salon Services and an hour or so later I have dark hair again, and I love it! (thanks Mama) She also chopped off a good half an inch off the bottom to get rid of the really broken ends.

I also got my eyebrows sorted hurrah! All that patience growing them out for the last 4 months has certainly paid off for these new HD brows - blogpost to come soon. 

Hope everyone is having a nice weekend, Im off to bake some primrose bakery cookies and cream cupcakes from their new ipad app!


  1. Love your HD brows! Four months seems like such a long time in eyebrow land, not sure I could go that long without being tempted to pluck them. I really want HD brows though :\ grrrr! xx

    1. It was a long time! It depends how fast your eyebrows grow and if you want a completely new shape or not, parts of mine were being stubborn and not growing back! xx

  2. Hi hannah, it's Tash (from mystreetchic.com). thought i'd say hello now that i've succumbed and joined the blogging realm.

    I can't believe your tops from Primark, its lushousness!


    (oh and love your new hair by the way!!)

    1. Hi Tash! hurahhh for joining blogging! It's so addictive isn't it?
      Been looking at your blog and am so jealous of your New York photos, really want to go!

    2. thanks, it was pretty awesome not gunna lie! :)

      and your brows look prefecto! i have never heard of HD brows (behind the times me) but definitely gunna see if they have somewhere in bath rather than going to bristol as i don't have the time hence why they a bit overgrown stig of the dump style :) xx