Sunday, 8 January 2012

It's love : Xen Tan Dark Lotion Absolute Luxe

Yes I'm a Xen-Tan convert and now addict.
I bought this back in October, drawn in by it's "moisturising properties" and "scent secure" which the tanner I was using at the time (St. Moritz mousse at £2.99) lacked in these areas. 
This retails for a ridiculous price, lets not beat around the bush here, at £29.70 for 236ml this stuff 'aint cheap. But here is why I love it:

Doesn't require a tanning "routine"
I hated the thought of having to shower, scrub, dry, moisturise, wait, tan, wait, moisturise every day after, repeat every other day. I just couldn't be bothered to be plain honest. This tan doesn't require endless scrubbing and moisturising, it goes on smooth and streak free, contains moisturiser and fades evenly. No longer does tanning my skin require me to schedule in a 3 day, pain the rear routine. 

For dry skin suffers this stuff is magic, It is  "Enriched with Ginko Biloba, Green Tea extract, aloe and Shea butter, Dark Lotion Absolute Luxe is a real treat for skin, leaving it feeling wonderfully nourished and smooth" and unlike St. Moritz mousse it doesn't cling to my pesky eczema patches as it fades. Gone are the days of having to constantly scrub and moisturise to keep my tan even. 

Do I smell stale biscuits?
Not here you wont, well for the most part anyway. This version of Xen Tan contains "scent secure" a new ingredient that works to "lock out" the smell of the DHA (The ingredient that gives you the colour) When applied this smells like rich vanilla and coca butter, however as it develops, a very faint whiff of something sweet and a little biscuity comes through,  generally only lasting for an hour or so. My boyfriend calls it "caramel biscuit". 

It's not orange!
However much of this stuff I wack on it never goes orange. It gives me a nice deep olive hue, dark enough that I only need one layer to give me a subtle glow, but not too dark I look like I've been on the beach for a week. This works for me as I don't really use  fake tanners to make me look "tanned" I just find that one layer in the winter stops me from looking like a walking corpse!  

Pictured here with it's partner in crime: The Poundland tanning mitt. 

And now the bad:

The price
Almost £30 a tube is definitely not a bargin in my eyes, however since buying this tube in october and using at least once a week the bottle is only slightly dented and will probably last at least another two months. After dong a spot of research I found it's main competitor, St. Tropez Lotion is only around a fiver cheaper at £25.50 for 240ml of lotion. 

Xen-Tan boast that their lotions last for up to 10 days, this is definitely not the case and I do have to top up my tan every 3-4 days to keep a certain colour. If this stuff did last a week, I certainly wouldn't have any qualms about the price tag, because in every other way it is the perfect self tan. 

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