Friday, 6 July 2012

New Glasses + Rimmel Wake me up

excuse the messy hair but I'm wearing Rimmel wake me up foundation, I actually love it.

Frames £45 Specsavers

So I lost my perfect vision *cries*
I had noticed over the past few months that after spending too long reading on my ipad or looking at the tv screen for a while that my eyes started to ache and I was getting regular headaches. My boyfriend suggested I go get my eyes tested as I hadn't had an eye test for about 5 years! The lovely people at specsavers confirmed that I had one dodgy eye and this was probably the cause of my eye strain and headaches. cue new glasses.
Sam thinks they are, quote, "silly". But I like them. 
on the down side we now look like some matchy matchy glasses wearing couple!


  1. You really suit glasses!



  2. I love these glasses,there lovely,can't wait til I next get some new ones.

    Ashlie x